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A sepia selfie from 1920.

Okay, I’m sharing a cat video but it’s also a great piece of DM.

Following success with their animated content game, U.S brand Chipotle has created brand-authored content - a live-action a new four-part comedy series, aired on Hulu, called Farmed and Dangerous.

Each of the four episodes (around 30 minutes long) includes a mix of ads, some from Chipotle and some from other brands.

Just seen this, although I knew about it:

Even legitimate Facebook advertising leads to ‘fake Likes’ generated from click farms. The result? The more meaningless Likes, the lower the engagement.

Warner Bros. teamed up with ITV1 to promote its upcoming film “The Lego Movie” by recreating an ad break in Lego.

Not too sure about the movie but it’s a lovely way to promote it. Great to see all the advertisers collaborating as well.

The ad break was created for ITV with Warner. Bros’ media agency PHD.