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Unfortunate Details, the the story accompanying Placebo’s new song Loud Like Love was written and directed by Saman Kesh and narrated by American author Bret Easton Ellis

A sepia selfie from 1920.

Okay, I’m sharing a cat video but it’s also a great piece of DM.

Following success with their animated content game, U.S brand Chipotle has created brand-authored content - a live-action a new four-part comedy series, aired on Hulu, called Farmed and Dangerous.

Each of the four episodes (around 30 minutes long) includes a mix of ads, some from Chipotle and some from other brands.

Just seen this, although I knew about it:

Even legitimate Facebook advertising leads to ‘fake Likes’ generated from click farms. The result? The more meaningless Likes, the lower the engagement.